Our mission: decarbonize the built environment.


of existing buildings will still be around in 2050.


of a new buildings CO2 emissions come from building materials.


of assets must be net zero across the whole life cycle.

The carbon emitted during the extraction, manufacturing, and installation of materials is permanently released before a building is ever used.

No amount of operational efficiency can offset them.

Between 2022 and 2050, embodied carbon can represent over 90% of a new building’s emissions.

This creates an incredible opportunity for low-carbon materials, but that's where things break down: how do you incorporate them into current workflows?  

What if we had quick, accurate, and easy to understand embodied carbon estimates? Estimates that made sense to the engineers, architects, and consultants on the team - even during the design phase.

That's why we're building tuuli.

We believe in the truly transformative power of built infrastructure. Tuuli is laying the foundations of the future - we'd love to have you on board.

Vit Vimal, CEO

Backed by NEXT Canada