Cost effectively decarbonize your buildings.

Leverage EPD and cost data to select building materials that meet your embodied carbon targets. Select material packages catered to your building goals and empower your team to effortlessly achieve your building's ESG targets.

Track Carbon Emissions

Manage your portfolio wide embodied carbon emissions, targets, and reductions.

Carbon Optimizations

Optimize your new buildings to cost effectively meet your embodied carbon targets.

Compliance Reporting

Streamline embodied carbon reporting for local policies, GRESB, and other sustainability certifications.

So simple - yet so powerful.

Tuuli is a customizable tool that creates material packages based on a building’s location, local regulation, goals, and building type no matter the stage of design.

No design?
No problem

Tuuli produces carbon estimates and targets even when you don't have all the information.

Simply provide us with estimated details such as GFA, structure type, and location to obtain a baseline embodied carbon intensity.

Cost effective material packages

Tuuli will employ optimization strategies to minimize cost and embodied carbon emissions, delivering insights that align with your ESG goals and bottom-line.

Simply Manage and Report Carbon

Streamline your building portfolio management using Tuuli. Try different material packages and test how your developments meet your ESG goals.

Get the carbon conversation started early.

We get it - handling carbon emissions for your portfolio is difficult. Few teams truly understand how it affects building design, let alone how it fits into real-life workflows.

We want to change that, and that's why we're building Tuuli.