Manage material data like magic

The easiest way for consultants, architects, and suppliers to manage environmental material data.


Access a comprehensive and accurate material database. Select products that meet your specific green requirements.


Organize material data by project. Track manufacturer details, building certifications, and regulatory compliance.


Expedite decision making across business units. Maintain a single source of truth during procurement and certification.

The first integrated material data platform

Discover, manage, and share environmental material data in one place.

Dashboard of a building project tracking LEED certification status and scenario modelling for material options.

Search based on your specifications

Set project requirements upfront and search through relevant materials.

Search filters for project specifications, location, and certification standards. Search bar and query for "mdf" panel and corresponding results.

Track compliance in real time

Effortlessly track project compliance with internal material specs and official certifications.

Compliance tracking of materials showing requirements, thresholds, and progress bars.

No more back-and-forth nightmares.

Eliminate email chains

Forget digging through old emails. Tuuli brings material data under one central hub.

Real time status checks

Track material compliance for internal specs and environmental certifications (e.g. LEED).

Expedite selection

Verify suitability of materials in real time, reducing cyclic approval processes.